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LABEL Century Media
RELEASED ON 8/26/2013
  • Grave is really in a groove right now and it’s probably worth your while to get on board.


Morbid Ascent

posted on 8/2013   By: Dave Schalek

Who would’ve thought that the Swedish death metal veterans in Grave would release their best album over twenty years after the band’s formation? Yeah, I thought that 2012’s Endless Procession Of Souls was that good. A lot of other people sure thought so, as well, and Grave, rather smartly, is putting itself back into the spotlight with a stopgap EP in the form of Morbid Ascent.

A rather long EP (clocking in at about 26 minutes), Morbid Ascent consists of two originals, a modern reworking of a very early demo track, a remix of “Epos” from Endless Procession Of Souls, and a Satyricon cover. The two originals are basically steady, solid modern Grave songs with loud, abrasive guitars and a mid-paced tempo that upticks to a gallop sure to get your neck snapping. The title track is probably the better of the two with considerable variation.

“Reality Of Life” is a reworking from one of Grave’s very first demos, Sexual Mutilation, from 1989. Certainly a good song that shines from the modern beefing-up, but it also demonstrates the timelessness of classic death metal. “Epos” is also reworked and trimmed slightly from the original version. I’m curious as to why Grave was dissatisfied with the original version. At any rate, I invite you to compare the two and judge for yourself. “Possessed” is the Satyricon cover, a song that originally appeared when Satyricon began to shift gears on Volcano.

Sure, I’ve just been describing a stopgap EP to hold you over, but Grave is really in a groove right now and it’s probably worth your while to get on board. Morbid Ascent will be released as a digital EP and in several different colored, limited edition vinyl pressings.


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