Benighted - Collection of Dead Portraits

Exclusive Track Premiere

posted on 1/2014   By: Jordan Campbell

France's Benighted are back. Again. 

These guys take their sweet-ass time between albums, making each release since 2006's Identisick feel like a miniature comeback. They've been greeted warmly with each emergence from hibernation, as their boisterous take on brutality somehow seems fresher with each successive tour of duty.

Strange thing, this phenomenon: It's tough to pinpoint how these guys can wrench vitality out of such high-mileage techniques. Their hybridized attack--melding deathcore danceability, succulent slams, and traces of grind--certainly doesn't sound all that ravishing on paper. But these dudes execute. On Carnivore Sublime (due February 18th via Season of Mist), the band's vaunted, multi-pronged vocal attack has never been deadlier. Where lesser bands are content to pepper their overwrought riffnadoes with randomized garglebarfs, Benighted utilizes a robust arsenal of burps, rees, brees, n' screes to propel them to victory.

Lead single  "Experience Your Flesh" put that approach on full display. It's no less prevalent on this latest salvo, "Collection of Dead Portraits."

Once again, triple-tiered vocalization makes Benighted sound like a goddamned army; an army that is having a hell of a lot of fun carving it's way through the carnage.

That intanglible Fun Factor might be the solution to the vitality riddle. These guys aren't afraid to shitgrin their way through punishment or swing themselves loose from the moorings of convention. (Check that stupid-smart piglet squirgle that caps the chorus callouts; it's base-level brilliance at its brightest.) It's rare for a modern metal band to allow us to peek at their glimmers of glee; that's why it's always cool to see Benighted fling themselves from of the shadows and blast themselves silly.

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