Eldkraft - Patterns

Exclusive Track Premiere

posted on 5/2013   By: Last Rites

Since the 2010 establishment of his Poison Tongue imprint under the Metal Blade banner, A.A. Nemtheanga has culled us acts from opposite ends of the spectrum, from the plodding Pilgrim to the electrifying Assaulter. Now, he's presenting something from outside the arc, Norrland's Eldkraft.

Poison Tongue founder / Primordial singer A.A. Nemtheanga on his latest signing:

"I was turned on to Eldkraft by Mortuus from Marduk and instantly recognized even in its raw demo form, here was something genuine, and it had the potential to be a massive pagan metal album. Not the cartoon stuff but the real deal, immersed in ancient shamanism and traditions with the spirit of Bathory somewhere deep in its bones...Eldkraft!"

The regal skyscapes of "Patterns" have much more in common with vintage Borknagar than the band members' previous work with speed-demon hybrids In Battle. Eldkraft brings the sound of colossal rebirth, steeped in lore yet drenched in majesty. "Patterns" is a stout monument to Shaman's impending impact.

Shaman will be released in North America on May 28th via Metal Blade. Click here to preorder the album and listen to the album's lead single, "Gammal Krigare."