Necronomicon - From Beyond

Exclusive Track Premiere

posted on 5/2013   By: Last Rites

Long-running Canadian death metal act Necronomicon will release its latest album Rise Of The Elder Ones via Season Of Mist on June 7, 2013. Last Rites is proud to present an exclusive cut from the upcoming LP, "From Beyond."

The label describes Elder Ones as such: "Equal parts sheer North American brutality mixed with [Necronomicon's] classic melodic, depressive death metal, Rise of the Elder Ones is death metal at its absolute best."

We describe it quite simply: Ripping.

For more information about Necronomicon, surf on over to their Facebook page, and to purchase the album, pop on into the Season Of Mist e-store. Tell 'em we sent you. It probably won't get you any kind of special treatment, but it will make us feel good.