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posted on 1/2013   By: Last Rites

Dear Friends,

We couldn’t think of a better way to complete the transition from MetalReview to Last Rites than by being able to publish the last piece that originates from the almighty MR era, the article that has been rounding off the year at this joint since 2009 and rendered all the other year-end lists null and void. Yes, we know that your stomach is already filled to the brim because of all the “Best of 2012” related gluttony, but there’s always room for the dessert that crowns the fine dining. Thus, we are proud to present you the chilled monkey brains, a.k.a. the first Last Rites Community Top 20.

This time, 114 mortal souls managed to participate in the referendum according to the instructions and the votes were spread over 319 albums. Unlike the previous contests, this year’s edition was a one-band show almost from the get-go, and it probably won’t knock anybody over that this particular group outran everybody else already for the second time in the history of this feature. Because there is one thing that we can’t and don’t even want to change: the fact that our readership fucking loves Enslaved.

The Goat, congratulations, mate. You just won the $150 gift voucher to spend at either All That Is Heavy or Hell’s Headbangers. We will contact you shortly, so that you’ll get to kick off 2013 with a proper haul.

For the rest of you (and especially to Besty), we can only extend our gratitude for helping the last rites of MetalReview to ultimately become such an enjoyable ceremony. Listen to heavy metal. We’ll be here if you need us.

And yeah, here’s how you voted:

1. Enslaved – Riitiir


“Nothing I've heard this year holds a flame to this. If music can be better then this, then I sure haven't heard it.”

– ex-inferis

2. pallbearer – Sorrow & Extinction


“After letting this one sink it definitely stands as one of my favourite doom releases over the last year or two. This is so heavy and though the songs are very slow, long and drawn-out they are so damn addictive, and Campbell's vocals are spinetingling.”

– Luke_22

3. High on Fire − De Vermis Mysteriis


“This album is absolutely, god-smackingly killer. The dark fury of Death is this Communion with the tight virtuosity and complex and flawless musicianship of Snakes (though Pikes always been a stunning guitarist and riff-writer). They've never been this powerful and heavy, and they've been among the best at being powerful and heavy their whole life as a band. It's gonna take an extraordinary album to beat this one for album of the year in my book.”

– PolarBear

4. Anaal Nathrakh – Vanitas


“I'm glad to see someone in the guitar-as-power-tool genre is so intensely exploratory and experimental, rather than adhering to worn-out formulas. Vocals as sound effects in a manic fabric are more than enough to get my attention. This is the music that make psychopaths want to become devout Lutherans.”

– Brittain

5. Converge − All We Love We Leave Behind


Converge never disappoints. another year-ender.”

– ThyMetalPenguin

6. Woods of Ypres − Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light


“So, I've been listening to this for a full year, now. Several times a week, straight through. It's easily, EASILY my favorite of the year, but goddamn, it makes me choke up like very few other albums. These songs just feel like my last ten years, and it makes me weary. But in a good way? Music has to be special to hit me that deeply, and Woods 5 is very, very special.”

– The Conqueror Worm

7. Be'lakor − Of Breath and Bone


“Finally got it. Never going to wait for the local music stores to get albums again.

ATM it's album of the year for me. Everything is done so well. There's a few albums I haven't heard yet this year and a few more to be released but i'll be having this in my year end lists for sure.


– Planeta

8. Meshuggah – Koloss


“What an album, amazing drumming. Can not stop listening to it. Cant wait to see these guys on April 20th London”

– takeiiiiiiiit

9. Kreator − Phantom Antichrist


“On vinyl, this is 10.5”

– HarlequinForest

10. Gojira − L'enfant Sauvage


“This is the first Gojira album that I've picked up and have taken an immediate liking to from beginning to end. I grew to love both of their previous two albums but only after repeated listens. A few tracks definitely stand out, specifically Explosia and The Gift of Guilt. The album has been on constant rotation since I received my copy on Tuesday and it'll stay in my player for a while. This is definitely a year end list maker for me!”

– JimmieD

11. Mgla − With Hearts Toward None


“Harry Dick not know how in hell to pronounce Mgla but he like what he read in review. He think he order Mgla CD to have nice romantic music to play for next time he bring back ugly ass worm eaten dead chick to crypt for zombie sex. Harry Dick think Mgla music go good with dead rat for dinner before action take place.”

– Harry Dick Rotten

12. Cattle Decapitation − Monolith of Inhumanity


“I dont listen to much death or grind but holy shit.... This album is fucking incredible. Been playing nothing but this for a week now.”

– ThePoop

13. Panopticon – Kentucky


“Checking out a sample of one of their tracks and it sounds fantastic - replete with influences, bursting with passion and genuinely moving. This may well be worth the investment”

– hooter

14. Ahab − The Giant


“I can really smell an album of the year right now...”

– frantic

15. Neurosis − Honor Found In Decay


Neurosis=the most underrated, immensely talented, song-driven, atmospheric, awe-inspiring, greatest, best, bestest bands of the last 20 years................easily.”

– tanknitrous

16. Evoken − Atra Mors


“This is worship music plain and simple.”

– satan

17. Alcest − Les voyages de l'âme


“Perfect 10 for me, this album is simply magical.”

– Grob

18. Wodensthrone – Curse


“Holy crap is this thing ever a grower. First couple listens I was like ehh it's ok, maybe a 7. Next few listens it was like ok pretty damn good, agree with Chris about an 8.5. And now, several more spins later I'm like fuck this thing is a modern black metal classic. 10.”

– Anonymous

19. Royal Thunder – CVI


“Absolutely excellent stuff! Came across this a week ago and I completely agree. A year-ender for me.”

– thehuntress144

20. Agalloch − Faustian Echoes


“Absolutely amazing. Agalloch is at the forefront of metal on every level.”

– Anonymous

P.S. As usual, Besty will post the whole list with scores in the appropriate forum thread, if and when we can make him sober up.